Blankets of Love

Blankets of Love is a charity initiative by Jenny Donaldson.

The idea for Blankets of Love started when I first heard about the horrific Krugersdorp rapes. I am a passionate knitter, and I am on mission to help connect women together so that they can create tangible love and support for women facing tough recovery journeys. I can picture the Krugersdorp victims wrapped in blankets of love, made by a widespread community of South African women, from all walks of life. The blankets can be delivered with individual messages of comfort and support from the women who have made the squares.

We are supporting Jenny’s initiative by spreading the word. We are a drop-off point for squares.

Blankets of Love requires knitted or crocheted squares that measure 20 x 20m cm when they are gently stretched and pinned.

– Please ensure that all ends are worked away.
– For crochet and knitting patterns as well as tips, please see the Facebook page –

Squares need to be made from 100% natural fibre yarns. The reasons for our requirement of natural fibre are as follows:

• They are naturally beautiful, soft and are much more comfortable when they come into direct contact with the skin
• Blankets made with natural fibres are more washable and they have a longevity that you won’t get from acrylic (synthetic) yarns.
• The comfort and superiority of a blanket made with natural fibres speaks for itself. The effort that goes into the making of a blanket is a labour of love, so we believe that the best quality (i.e. natural) yarns should be used for that love to last as long as possible.
• In the event of fire, although natural fibres will burn (cotton and bamboo more so than wool), they will not melt, and they therefore carry a lower risk of causing severe burns. Natural and acrylic fibre blends are just as dangerous as 100% acrylic yarns, so these blends are also to be avoided.
• Acrylic yarn is manufactured from petroleum – enough said!

We recommend using the following South African yarn brands – they are made from natural fibres and they are locally produced which is why we love them even more:

• Nurturing Fibres
• Vinnis Colours
• Yellow Cottage Yarn


Please contact us if you are available to volunteer to join a blanket.