Lily Rose CAL ~ By Liesl Kleu

By |2020-04-21T09:01:45+02:00March 31st, 2020|CAL|

Welcome to the Lily Rose CAL, by Liesl Kleu for Natural Yarns. We will be releasing the instructions over the course of lockdown, starting on Wednesday 1 April 2020. This cushion cover was inspired by a favorite painting by John Singer Sargent, well known for his evocations of Edwardian-era luxury. Called Carnation, Lily, Lily, [...]

November 2021 Newsletter ❤

By |2021-11-25T18:14:55+02:00November 25th, 2021|Other|

It's heading to "that time of year"... A very big thank you to EVERYBODY for your support so far in 2021! I am not sure where the year has gone, and can hardly believe that there are already festive decorations in the shops and that we are on the down-slope to 2022! On our side [...]

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November 2020 newsletter from Natural Yarns!

By |2020-11-28T07:48:21+02:00November 28th, 2020|Newsletters|

A very big thank you to EVERYBODY for your support so far in this strange year, 2020! Wow! What an unexpected turn of an entire year. So many plans made at the beginning of  the year went right out of the window...and so, the makers-of-plans promptly sat at home crafting and dreaming up new and [...]

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Festive gingerbread people

By |2018-12-24T14:23:33+02:00December 24th, 2018|Felting, FREE!, Tutorials|

We always have loads of fabulous felting supplies for wet or dry felting! You can find them: HERE  Last year I shared a video tutorial on how to make a needle felted star decoration or garland (which is also a great introduction to needle felting!) ~ You can watch it here! This year, I have been [...]

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Gina at EYF!

By |2018-07-16T23:00:47+02:00March 30th, 2018|Travel|

I am back from my trip to the UK and the Edinburgh Yarn Festival which took place last month (in snowy Edinburgh!) to see what yarnie fun people in the UK get up to! It was an amazing experience to see so many yarn producers, dyers and knitters under one roof! There are quite few photographs and [...]

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Knit and Breathe Magaliesburg Retreat

By |2018-07-16T22:48:27+02:00March 16th, 2018|Events, Retreats|

Knit and Breathe had a fabulous retreat in the Magaliesburg in March! Besides the fabulous knitting workshops and mindful relaxation, our participants were spoiled completely as always with a beautiful venue, great food and goodies from our amazing sponsors!Have a look at the event photographs here. #labyrinthretreat You can find out more about the upcoming events and links to the [...]

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Summer 2017 Newsletter

By |2017-07-26T09:46:26+02:00February 13th, 2017|Newsletters|

Hello Natural Fibre Lovers! I trust that you are all well rested over the festive season and that you are inspired for a wonderful year of fibre-crafting! The year kicked off to a lovely start! Let me share some of the exciting things are happening here at Natural Yarns: […]

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Spring 2016

By |2017-07-26T09:46:26+02:00October 5th, 2016|Newsletters|

Hello Natural Fibre Lovers! “Spring day” has come and gone and the season is slowly changing towards warmer weather in the usual “one step forward..two steps back” kind of way here in Cape Town! Natural Yarns HQ has successfully moved and I am having SO much fun in the new space which is much easier [...]

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Winter 2016 Newsletter

By |2017-07-26T09:46:26+02:00July 8th, 2016|Newsletters|

Hello Natural Fibre Lovers! There is snow capping Cape Town’s surrounding mountains ~The icy wind has been carrying the cold straight off those mountains and the sea, making for a very chilly time here on the Cape Peninsula. This means much fireside knitting and spinning so it’s not all bad! Natural Yarns HQ will be [...]

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Spring 2015 newsletter

By |2017-07-26T09:46:26+02:00September 22nd, 2015|Newsletters|

Dear Natural Yarn Lovers The Winter cold has almost given way for warmer weather, but there are still some cool days ahead! Read about our new products, some information towards learning to spin on a drop spindle, and which yarns are on sale in our Spring Sale! with your coupon code below! […]

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Discovering new needles ~ Part 2

By |2017-07-26T09:46:26+02:00September 15th, 2015|Guest Blogger Posts, Review|

Needles are one of those things that is all about personal preference – some people prefer steel, others carbon, bamboo, wood. (Note that I haven’t included plastic needles on the list. No knitter prefers plastic needles.) Those first beautiful needles I bought had me devoted to wood. I have 2 pairs of tips which are carbon [...]

Discovering new needles ~ Part 1

By |2017-07-26T09:46:26+02:00June 19th, 2015|Guest Blogger Posts, Review|

It was a particularly marvelous day when I discovered that you could actually use circular needles to knit back and forth and not just in the round. One of those knitting epiphanies. Changed my life. No losing needles, no dropping stitches, no poking the lapdog in the eye. I don’t think I could ever go [...]

Increasing – the risk and the rebellion

By |2017-07-26T09:46:26+02:00March 6th, 2015|Guest Blogger Posts|

Knitting isn’t what it used to be. In the good old days when all the grannies were knitting – there weren’t all the brilliant little tricks and ways of doing things that we have now. There was one way to increase, and one way to decrease. Without youtube, most people pretty much only used one [...]

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Start as you mean to finish

By |2017-07-26T09:46:26+02:00December 2nd, 2014|Guest Blogger Posts, Knitting Techniques|

I am a failed perfectionist. It has taken me most of my life to come to accept this about myself. I have brilliant ideas about what and how things should be done, but I’m crap at follow-through. The combination of chronic procrastinator and uncompromising perfectionist is a recipe for disaster. A friend recently summed it up well for me – it is easier to give up on our own impossible expectations, rather than to achieve them...


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