We always have loads of fabulous felting supplies for wet or dry felting! You can find them: HERE 

Last year I shared a video tutorial on how to make a needle felted star decoration or garland (which is also a great introduction to needle felting!) ~ You can watch it here!

This year, I have been playing with my gingerbread cookie cutter to make little gingerbread people decorations! Follow the instructions in the star tutorial and make your own felted stars or gingerbread characters!


Attach your felting needle to your felting needle holder (if you have one), put the cookie cutter onto the felting sponge, and some fibre into the cookie cutter shape.

Felt the fibre by piercing it repeatedly with the felting needle.

  1. Felt the back and front of the gingerbread man until it is felted well (you can’t pick the fibre up)
  2. Add some “buttons” in different colours of felting fibre so that they look like clourful little sweet buttons.
  3. Add a face to your gingerbread character…

You may wish to add a yarn loop to your gingerbread person so that you can hang it up ~ do this by felting some fibre over the yarn ends into the back of the head. Alternatively, you can join a whole string of them and make a garland :)


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