Subscription Box – Alice in Wonderland


Continuing on our 2023 theme of fantasy, we can’t wait to reveal what wonderful surprises are in our next limited edition Natural Yarns subscription box of 2023!

The first box released this year was –A Touch of Magic in April.
Our second box was – “Mary Poppins” in July.

Subscription Box #3 of 2023:  “Alice in Wonderland” ~ This will be the LAST box of 2023 and due to the Cape Town Yarn Festival taking place in 2024, we are not sure if / when we will put together another of our subscription, make sure you secure your box as not to miss out!

The contents of our subscription boxes are a surprise, but we can say that this fabulous box includes the following items around our “Alice in Wonderland” theme:

There are 4 custom designed projects, (2 yarnie, 1 fibrecraft + another craft) each with the instructions and materials required to make the project + other notions and items around our theme ~

  • Beautiful hand dyed yarn, dyed exclusively for our “Alice in Wonderland” box
    + a crochet pattern for this yarn
    + a knitting pattern for this yarn
  • Another fibre craft project
    materials + pattern and instructions
  • Another craft project, specifically designed for this box
  • Notions / accessory around our “Alice in Wonderland” theme
  • Treats and (an imported) beverage to enjoy while you unpack / make your box items!

You may choose to order your “Alice in Wonderland” box in one of two ways:

  1. Settle in 1 payment (choose your shipping method at check-out),
  2. Settle in 2 payments ~ R425 + choose your shipping method at check-out now, and we will invoice for the R425 balance to be settled by 5 October 2023.
  3. Settle in 3 payments ~ R280 + choose your shipping method at check-out now, and we will invoice for the next R285 to be paid by 5 September + R285 to be settled by 5 October 2023.
  4. From 15 September, the 3 payment option will fall away.
  5. From 5 October, any extra boxes that we make up will be available at the full purchase price (R950) *subject to availability


*Please note that while the cover image may give some clues as to what the “Alice in Wonderland” box may contain, it is only intended as a “mood board” to advertise the box 🙂

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  • Our “Alice in Wonderland” subscription box can either be purchased in one payment up-front (R850), or broken down into multiple payments:
    When ordering with a split payment, the first payment will be paid up-front to book your box, and we will send a request via email for the subsequent payments.
    All payment must be settled before the boxes go out in mid-October.

DATE STRUCTURE for “Alice in Wonderland” subscription box:

  • 3 payments – From launch in August: R280 plus shipping charges on order + R285 by 5 September + R285 by 5 October 2023.
  • 2 payments – From 1 September: R425 plus shipping charges on order + R425 by the 5th October 2023.
  • From 15 September, boxes will need to be purchased for the full R850 to not miss out.
  • After 5 October, any extra boxes that we make up will be sold at the full price of R950 per box. *Subject to availability

If you choose to do a split subscription payment, we will send an email reminder for EFT / Snapscan payments, else a PayPal or PayFast payment request for card payments and international orders.

Boxes purchased after the subscription period are subject to availability, and will listed at R985 with no split payments available.


  • Please select your shipping method when you complete your order at check-out.
  • Should you wish to add additional items to be sent with your box, they will be sent with your subscription box in October.
  • Should you wish to have additional items shipped before your box goes out, please place two separate orders.


  • Boxes will not be sent out unless payment has been received in full by the 5th of the month that the boxes are being sent out
  • No refunds or exchanges on subscription boxes / subscription box items will be allowed
  • Failure to make the balance of payment will result in any amounts paid either being forfeited, or you can choose to carry the amount over to the next period’s subscription box
  • “Alice in Wonderland” boxes will only be sent out if fully paid up by the 5th of October.
  • “Alice in Wonderland” box is scheduled to ship out by the 15th of October.

Please read below for further details on how our subscription boxes work!
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