TOFT Crochet Kits (MINI)


These mini TOFT kits contain:

  • DK yarn to make your chosen animal
  • toy stuffing
  • crochet hook
  • wool needle;
  • a postcard pattern

inside a TOFT  bag.




These animals are part of the ‘Edward’s Menagerie’ collection of amigurumi crochet toys designed by Kerry Lord. These animal designs are crocheted in our luxury super soft DK weight 100% British wool yarn.

This kit attracts all ages and makes a perfect gift for children and adults alike. The animals are addictive and people are easily ‘hooked’!

All of TOFT’s crochet kits are arranged into levels.

  • Level 1 kits are suitable for complete beginners who have never crocheted before and just require use of the double crochet stitch.
  • Level 2 kits involve a simple colour change and are classified as ‘easy’.
  • Level 3 kits come labelled as ‘Intermediate’, because they involve an additional technique such as loop stitch or disciplined colour changing and are suitable for confident beginners or those with a little more crochet experience.

Whatever level you choose, you can rest assured that the range of TOFT’s YouTube videos will guide them through every technique they will need to complete their animal, regardless of your experience with crochet.

Level 1: 

Level 2: 

Level 3: