Alum ~ Wool Mordant

Alum ~ Wool Mordant


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Iron free alum for mordanting wool for natural dyeing


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Alum mordant for use to colour protein fibres (wool, hair and silks) with natural dyes.

Alum mordant helps to bond with the colour from natural dyes creating the best chance for obtaining light and wash fast colours.


  • Soak the wool in warm water and squeeze out excess water gently before adding to the mordant bath.
  • Use 15% of the weight of the yarn in Alum, dissolved in water. Eg: 100g of yarn = 15g Alum, 200g yarn =30g Alum etc
  • Add yarn to the mordant bath (with enough water for the yarn to move around easily) and gradually heat to around 80°C for 30 minutes and allow to cool slowly. Remove the wool and squeeze gently to remove excess liquid.
  • After mordanting, the wool can be simmered with natural dye materials. Simmer for approximately 30 minutes and turn off the heat. Do not boil.
  • Allow the yarn to cool slowly in the dyebath before removing the yarn.
  • Gently rinse out excess dye in clean water.
  • Safety first: Wear gloves and/or a mask while mordanting and natural dyeing in case you have sensitivity to any of the materials.
  • Experiment and keep records if you wish to attempt re-creating a colour.
  • Results will vary. That is the nature of nature :)


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