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We think this organisation is really special, here is a summary:

  1. They help an abuse woman escape to a home of safety that they manage
  2. After allowing them ‘down time’ they then begin the rehabilitation process, which takes months. They help the women rebuild her dignity and then help her find work and independence.
  3. Once the woman is safe and has re-established herself, they help her be reunited with caring family.
  4. If this is not an option, she moves with her children into an onsite flat.
  5. After a time period between 6 months to 2 yrs she leave the home of safety and is reintegrated into society.

Our goal is to make intentional blankets for the women who are leaving there or unable to leave yet. When they leave they are rehabilitated but scarred. They leave owning almost with almost no furniture or linen.

This is our gift to them to say: “As women we salute their strength and courage”

The care haven is part of the Salvation Army
Quoted from their web page:  “Carehaven is situated in Athlone, Western Cape, and offers sanctuary and short term housing to up to 60 women who are victims of domestic abuse and their children. Although a strong Christian emphasis in maintained, women of all races and creeds are embraced, and no one is ever turned away due to lack of money”

When we have this yarn, please note that adding this item to your cart is a commitment to knitting/crocheting your 3 squares and returning them within 3 months.
If the yarn pack is out of stock, please feel free to use any 100% natural fibre cotton, bamboo or cotton/bamboo for this project.

You may add this item for free to your cart to be sent with other items — please select your postage method at checkout.


We are currently out of small bits of yarn to send, but you can still make squares with your stash:

Yarn to use:
Any 100% natural fibre cotton, bamboo or cotton/bamboo yarn can be used for this project.

3 Square Yarn Kits:

  • 75g = 3 squares of 20cm x 20cm
  • Kits are either Eco-fusion or Eco-cotton
  • Kits are donated by Carle’ for the project.
  • Each kit contains small balls that are a by product of Nurturing Fibres’ production.
  • 75g of mixed colours can be booked/requested via Gina or Carle’. COLOUR OPTIONS ARE RANDOM.
  • If you need the kit to be posted, then posting fees are for your account – if posted locally with an existing order then there will be no postage charges.

As long at the square is 20cm by 20cm then it will be added. If you want to share your ‘pattern’ with us, please do, everyone is constantly asking what to cast on!

Returning your squares:
Several people are involved and are happy to be a collection point for squares: You can return them to Natural Yarns, or please contact us for details of a collection point in your area.
If you are participating and happy to also be a collection point for people in your area, then please let me know so I can add you to the list.

There is no deadline, but we ask that all kits be returned within 3 months.



Please note that we may not make use of delivery services during lock-down. You are welcome to place orders and they will be packed and shipped at the first available opportunity.

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