ChiaoGoo Twist Red Cables [MINI]

ChiaoGoo Twist Red Cables [MINI]



These small interchangeable cables fit MINI interchangeable needle tips [1.5mm – 2.5mm], MINI end stoppers and MINI cable connectors.
*Cable converters are also available if in stock.

Interchangeable Tips, End Stoppers, Cable Connectors and other items are sold separately.




Twist are ChiaoGoo’s famous Red nylon-coated, multi-strand steel cable.


  • Smooth transitions.
  • Secure connections –  Cables are tightened with a cable key (one cable key is included with each cable pack purchased).
  • Lifeline holes.
  • Red cables made of flexible, memory-free nylon-coated, multi-stranded steel

Indicated tip length includes the metal cable join when connected to the cable.

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