Dala | Complete Tie Kit


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The Dala Complete Tie Dye Kit is complete with everything you need to create unique and colourful tie dye pieces – just add water!

The kit includes three primary colour dyes and a secondary colour mixing bottle for you to customise your palette, as well as a full instructional sheet that teaches you four Tie Dye pattern techniques:

Spiral / Traditional; Scrunch; Stripes/Folds and Rings/Circles.


The Tie Dye is safe and environmentally friendly when used in accordance with our dying instructions.


Dyes up to 10 full colour items!

2 in stock


  • 3 x Primary Colour Bottles

    1 x Secondary Mixing Bottle

    1 x pack of soda ash

    1 x pair of latex gloves

    1 x pack of rubber bands

    Full instruction sheet



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