Knitpro | Smartstix Interchangeable Needle Cables


Set of:
1 Colour Coded Cable
2 Black End Caps
1 Cable Key

Designed to be used with Smartstix needles


A cable and tape measure in one!

Smart Cables are colour coded by length and marked at 2cm intervals so you can measure your creations on the go!

Long threaded screw-in “join” ensures that cables and needles stay connected.

Tightening hole provided in the metal join for extra secure tightening. Specially designed “key” facilitates effortless tightening. End caps easily fit on cables and keeps the knitting safe.

Cable size:

20 cm to make 40 cm / 16″ IC needle

28 cm to make 50 cm / 20″ IC needle

35 cm to make 60 cm / 24″ IC needle

56 cm to make 80 cm / 32″ IC needle

76 cm to make 100 cm / 40″ IC needle

94 cm to make 120 cm / 47″ IC needle

126 cm to make 150 cm / 60″ IC needle

Designed to be used with Smartstix needles


Please note that we may not make use of delivery services during lock-down. You are welcome to place orders and they will be packed and shipped at the first available opportunity.

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