Knitted Knockers


Knitted Knockers are hand knitted breast prostheses for women who have undergone mastectomies or similar breast procedures.

Knitted Knockers are softer and lighter than any other prosthesis, much more comfortable to wear and can be placed in any regular bra. The knitted fabric breathes and prevents the heat rash & discomfort experienced by many women wearing the silicone ones.

Knitted Knockers are made by volunteer knitters all over the world and now the movement has spread to South Africa too.”

This listing is for one kit to knit 1 pair of knitted knockers.
More information below and at ~ You may also find the link to purchase kits from Colourspun (who originally raised awareness this project in South Africa) on this page.

Free knitting / crochet patterns are available here:

Neutral Tones to consider:
Vanilla / Mist / Anvil / Fawn / Sea Shell (close to Caucasian flesh tone) / Karoolands / Pecan / Coco


Each Knitted Knocker Kit contains :

  • 50 g Nurturing Fibres Eco-Fusion
  • 25 g Pure Merino filling

The colours range from light flesh tone through to dark brown – should you wish to receive a specific shade, please email us beforehand and we will let you know if we have stock.

You may return your Knitted Knockers to Natural Yarns (please email for address if you wish to post) once they are complete, else distribute to the person or charity of your choice who is in need of these.


Please note that we may not make use of delivery services during lock-down. You are welcome to place orders and they will be packed and shipped at the first available opportunity.

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