To the premature baby, [our] carefully made octopus’s tentacles feel like their mother’s umbilical cord. Comforting the baby and reducing the risk of the little one pulling the medical bits and bobs they may need and potentially cause serious problems for them…

Our octopuses and jellyfish really help our babies and parents through their first days of life. We would love you to join us and help in any way you can ~ Quote from

Yarn to use:
Any 100% natural fibre cotton, bamboo or cotton/bamboo yarn can be used for this project. We recommended: Nurturing Fibres Eco-Cotton / Eco-Fusion / Vinni’s Nikkim / Bambi~ You can use your stash or purchase these on our website.

You may download the following crochet patterns:
Octopus for Premies—octo-project—octo-project

How to crochet curly cue’s (the tentacles):

Or one of these knitting patterns:
Preemie octopus Knitted [$3 USD] [YOUTUBE Video]

Getting your Octopus’ to us:
You can send or drop off your octopus / squid at Natural Yarns:
Shop 12 Imhoff Farm, Kommetjie Road, Cape Town, 7975

This is an on-going project.

Please use stash yarn or order yarn on our website – Nurturing Fibres Eco-Cotton or Eco-Fusion ; Vinni’s Colours Nikkim are good options.