In addition to yarn or garment dyeing, StellarSet Dyes may also be used for painting or printing.
StellarDye is an acid activated dye. Don’t be alarmed by the word ‘Acid’ – the only acid involved is the white vinegar or citric acid that you add to the dye bath for the dye to work!

Extremely brilliant and colorfast, StellarSet dyes are concentrated, powdered, hot water dyes that yield vibrant results possible for protein fibers.

These dyes contain 50g or 100g of dye each (select the quantity you require)
The colour chart colours are based on 3% WOG
ie. 3g dye to 100g wool to get that colour or 30g dye to 1000g wool to get the colour indicated.

Protein fibers: wool, cashmere, alpaca, feathers, silk and some nylons

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StellarSet Dye

When purchasing this dye, you will receive a download-able PDF link with instructions.
Please read directions thoroughly before starting.




Please note that we may not make use of delivery services during lock-down. You are welcome to place orders and they will be packed and shipped at the first available opportunity.

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