TOFT Quarterly magazine contains a curated selection of exclusive knit and crochet patterns. Designed to be made in TOFT’s luxury British wool, there are patterns to suit every age and ability alongside feature articles.

Inside the Autumn 2020 edition you will find:

* 5 Knitting patterns: Northwood Shawl, Pemberton Mittens, Pemberton Hat, Regent Sweater, Newhall Hat.
* 5 Crochet patterns: Hockley Hat, Vittoria Snood, Albion Shawl, Arthur the Blue Winged Teal, Camden Blanket.
(see the pattern listings on Ravelry)

* TOFT News and Events

The Summer 2020 Magazine is all worked using a stunning colour pallet o cool tones of  Silver & Steel, with pops of camel across Double Knitting and Fine weight yarns.