TOFT Quarterly Magazine – Primates Special


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TOFT’s special edition Primate magazine contains a curated selection of animal crochet patterns.  We have picked fifteen of our favourite primates, bringing you some of the rarest and most endangered monkeys and apes found around the world for you to make.  Designed by Kerry Lord to be made in TOFT’s luxury British wool with an array of patterns to suit every age and ability ranging in skill level from complete beginner to more advanced amigurumi techniques. You’re sure to find the perfect project for the monkey lover in your life.

1 in stock


Inside this 36 page special issue alongside thirteen of our older favourites you will find two brand new patterns for Leah the Marmoset and Zeus the Mandrill. The fifteen primate patterns included are:

Joan the Bonobo
Keith the Proboscis Monkey
Franklin the Colobus Monkey
Declan the Slow Loris
Lionel the Ring Tailed Lemur
Gerard the Emperor Tamarin
Charlotte the Silver Leaf Monkey
Leah the Marmoset
Abel the Howler Monkey
Isla the Douc Langur
Yvonne the Lion Tailed Macaque
Balthazar the Golden Lion Tamarin
Kimberley the Japanese Macaque
Gordon the Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey
Zeus the Mandrill



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