Tulip | Hiroshima Easy Threading Needles


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Easy Threading Needles

We have made some of Tulip’s beautiful Easy Threading needles available for you to enjoy!

They feature sharp tips, so they will run smoothly through fabric and blunt points for finishing knitting projects. You’ll love working with these flexible and warp resistant needles. These needles come in a polystyrene vial with a cork stopper, so you can easily store them when they are not in use.




8 in stock


Easy Threading Needles: Thread passes through the slot on the head without snagging. Perfect for stitching thick or standard fabric.

Needle-eye: A large quality eye that prevents snagging and allows for easy threading.

Body: Precision-processing technology have produced a body of ideal strength that is smooth.

Needle Point: The strength and durability of steel allows for smooth fabric piercing and easy sewing.




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