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Milliners Needles

6 needles within a labeled, clear, cork-topped tube.

    • Thick assortment contains 2 of each #3, 5 & 7.
    • Thin assortment contains 2 of each #8, 9 & 10.

Tulip’s superior quality Milliners Needles (also called Straws) are longer than appliqué needles. Though originally designed for the hat-making industry they are sometimes used for appliqué along with basting, binding, embroidery and general hand-sewing.

The perfect needle for making french knots, boullion and other multiple-wrap embroidery stitches, the body (eye and shaft) is uniform throughout, ending with a sharp point to easily pierce fabric.




This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Milliners Needles (Straws)

The eye of the needle is designed for easy threading and is polished thoroughly to prevent snagging. The needles are finished with superior polish, lengthwise, making them glide effortlessly through the fabric.




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