Tapestry Needles

These nickle plated steel assorted tapestry needles of different thickness and length come in a portable handy PVC case with magnetic button closure.  You can store small knitting accessories or optional “amicolle” single-size needles in the inside pocket.

The needle size makes it easy to thread the yarn.  The tip is rounded to avoid splitting the yarn.  Perfectly suited for binding-off or sewing pieces together.

Orange  Needle Sizes: 16 (1.60 x 60.0mm), 17 (1.35 x 54.5mm), 18 (1.24 x 48.5mm), 20 (1.07 x 45.5mm), 23 (0.89 x 39.5mm)
Blue Needle Sizes: 13 (2.40 x 70.0mm), 14 (2.10 x 65.0mm), 15 (1.81 x 60.0mm), 16 (1.60 x 60.0mm)